Metroretket  is providing urban hiking tours in City of Espoo and Capital City Helsinki. The best is that you can have an adventure not far away from hustle and bustle of the biggest cities of Finland. We also offer different kind of activities to empower you. You can choose e.g. nature art activities, nature quizzes and bird watching.

During the hike you’ll experience the beauty of the Finnish nature and architecture. You will hear stories about history and future of the different areas. After the tour you will surely have a relaxed and great mood. You never know what you will learn and experience while urban hiking with Metroretket!

Every urban hike starts from the metro station and takes approximately 1 – 3 hours. You need good walking shoes but you don’t need any special clothing. Just check the weather forecast and dress according to weather.

Choose from already planned tours or let us plan the urban hike of your wishes.

  • Tapiola Espoo – Hike in a famous Garden City with full of culture and nature
  • Koivusaari-Keilaniemi tour – From the deepest undersea metro station to Silicon Valley of Finland
  • Kivinokka/Herttoniemi Helsinki – Unique area with little summer huts, hiking rails and lot of history
  • Vuosaari Helsinki – The best Finnish neighborhood in 2017 and the east end of the metro line
  • Otaniemi/Aalto University Espoo –  The heart of the Finnish science, startups,  Alvar Aalto architecture, brewing and bird watching.
  • Keilaniemi-Karhusaari (Espoo) – From finnish Silicon Valley to Waterfront Walkway. Possibility to visit Hanasaari cultural centre for Sweden and Finland .

Tour Example: Otaniemi / Aalto University Espoo

The heart of the Finnish science, startups,  Alvar Aalto architecture, brewing companies and bird watching.

Walking tours starts from Aalto University metro station where the old Alvar Aalto architecture meets brand new mall and campus center. From the A Block Mall we walk to Dipoli building, Otaniemi Chapel and towards the Espoo Waterfont Walkway. We’ll visit bird watching tower where you’ll have opportunity to watch birds.

  • Starting Point: Aalto University metro station / A Block Mall
  • Length of the tour: approx. 5 km
  • Duration: 1,5-3 hours

Tour Example : Koivusaari-Keilaniemi (Helsinki-Espoo)

Already planned tours 25€ per person (including VAT but not the travel ticket). All tours are in zone AB.

You can book a private tour or join the small group. We also offer tours for the bigger groups.

Book your tour via Booking form or Facebook. You can also contact us by Whatsapp +3584578701179 or email metroretket@gmail.com.

See you soon!

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