Metroretket company combines three important things to it’s owner Eve: nature, outdoor life and urban life. Eve is a nature lover as well as an urban hiker. It means that she loves to live close to good public transportation and city life but when she wants hike, she likes to avoid crowds. That experience she wants to provide all clients of Metroretket. Believe it or not but that’s possible even in cities like Helsinki and Espoo.

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Eve was born in Finnish Lapland where her heart and soul still belong. Over 30 years ago she moved to Southern Finland but she is regularly visiting Lapland. During these years in Capital area of Finland, Eve has been hiking near and far – no matter if it’s the forest close to her home, nature reserve or arctic hill in Lapland.

Eve’s Education and qualifications

  • Further Vocational Qualification in Entrepreneurship
  • Master’s degree in Vocational Education
  • Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education
  • Pedagogical studies for teachers
  • Basics of the Green Care
  • Relaxation Coach (May 2022)

“Nature is important for me because of well being and relaxation. I also love to take photos and guide little exercises in the middle of the nature.

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